June 23, 2014

The G Counter, Galway City

Recently the boyfriend and I found ourselves at a wedding down in Athlone. It was one of those fabulous two day affairs which took place on a Friday meaning that we were halfway down the country and had a whole Sunday to spare. What to do, oh what to do, we thought. Sure the only answer was a quick nip down to Galway for the day since we were only an hour away.

We hadn’t had breakfast and were holding out for brunch in Galway. We decided on the G Counter as I had read good things about it from Warm & Snug & Fat. It was also on our route into the city and had ample parking so it was very handy. The G Counter is located beside the G Hotel but apparently they aren’t connected at all, even though the G logo is very similar. It is a bright, airy, almost industrial space and seemed a big hit with families as all the surrounding tables were packed out with the smallies. There was a decent sounding brunch menu which included all the usual suspects such as eggs benedict, waffles, pancakes and breakfast butties.

I went for the waffles while himself went for the eggs benedict. When they arrived it was safe to say I had serious food envy. His came with two poached eggs, spinach and bacon all slathered in hollandaise sauce. All I got were two small waffles and a dash of maple syrup. To make matters worse my mulled berries had morphed mysteriously into kiwi and pineapple. When I finally got the attention of the waitress she told me they had run out of berries which they didn’t bother to tell me when I was ordering. Now this might make me sound extremely fussy but when I order something it should be want it says on the menu and not some version of it!  So the dish went back to the kitchen and they brought me some eggs benedict instead. While this made up for the dodgy first dish, it meant I was eating while my boyfriend had finished and this is one of my pet hates.

Another of my pet hates is coffee is a handleless glass. If I am ordering coffee it means I want to drink the coffee and not have to wait 10 minutes for it to cool down because the glass is a bazillion degrees!! 


So would I go back? Well first of all both the eggs benedict and the waffles were €7.50. One of those is a massive rip off in my opinion though fair enough value for the other. They also dealt with my complaint fairly and quickly though I would have liked them to have provided a small discount as a gesture of goodwill for the hassle. So yes I would give them a second chance but I think next time I would be heading their way to try out one of their oversized deli sandwiches and a tea! 

G Counter: Wellpark Retail, Dublin Road, Galway, Ireland
Phone:(091) 770 89


  1. Yes, the service can be a bit hit and miss sometimes, and I have had the old 'swaparoo' pulled on me there too without fair warning, but it is coming along nicely now. The sandwiches and hotdogs are fab but there are better brunches to be found in Galway.

    1. I can imagine there are as you have so many great places to choose from in Galway. I will definitely return to try out their sandwiches though. They looked great.