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Hi and welcome to The Purple Page. This blog is written and managed by me, Kathryn, though I will also answer to Kat, Katie and even KittyKat (one friend in particular calls me this and I have no idea how it started)! I'm originally from Dublin but was slowly persuaded to try living in Meath and this beautiful county is now where I call home. In my twenties I got to live abroad and it helped me realise how special Ireland is and how much I love living here. I adore to cook, bake and eat out but above all I love seeing the Irish creativity and positivity shining through with so many wonderful foods, festivals and events on offer. I hope to share all these wonderful events, new restaurant openings and fabulous festivals with you. I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it. If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions on the blog I would love to hear them.

You can comment on the blog itself or you can email me directly at thepurplepageireland (at) gmail.com.  If you want a quicker way to get in contact you can usually find me nattering away and posting incessant food pictures on:

Twitter: @ThePurplePage1
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Photographs. Unless stated otherwise all the photographs on this site have been taken by myself. If you wish to use them elsewhere please just ask.

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