June 15, 2014

Taste of Dublin 2014: A Quick Recap

So I meant to write this review on Friday knowing that I would be busy over the weekend but Thursday night at Taste of Dublin got the better of me. At 31 I should know better but we had a super night! Thursday felt like the start of summer and the Iveagh Gardens were packed for the first session of Taste of Dublin. After a glass of champagne, Ms Jenkinson and I executed our plan of action which was basically to sample as many different dishes as possible!

To start off we hit Salt of the Earth and sampled their Scallop Hot Dog with Asian slaw, beetroot chips and aioli.

Next up we visited the Branch Bar and Restaurant where they had a Firepit. Here we got both the Hay Smoked Venison with mini potato crisps with turnip slaw and horseradish and the Corn Fed Chicken with saffron mousse and chicken's foot mushroom.

Hay Smoked Venison
Corn Fed Chicken
Then it was onto a deliciously fresh tuna dish from Diep Le Shaker which was nice contrast to all the meat we had been eating!

We were also lucky enough to get to experience 28 by Aldi. This meal consisted of 3 courses of Aldi's Specially Selected and Premium ranges cooked by head chef Cormac Rowe from the Michelin starred Mount Juliet. First up was a Cod Brandade with a lemon aioli. It was a delicious morsal of moreishness!

This was followed by a steak of our choice, Striploin or Rib-Eye, which came with triple cooked chips smothered with hollandaise sauce, bacon and onion. All steaks should come with these chips!! God they were amazing and went so well with my medium rare rib-eye which melted in the mouth.


By this stage we were well and truly full but sure isn't there always room for dessert! So we scoffed the Strawberry and Basil Pannacotta from Aldi and then followed this up with a Barley and Buttermilk cream eclair to share from Chapter One.

We rounded off the evening by sampling the drinks that were on offer and I was very excited to spot the new Brú Brewery Mor and Ban but alas they were only for show. I shall be on the lookout for them in shops soon!

I did however get to sample the Hardy Bucks lager. I'm a fan of the show so the novelty concept of it is great fun. It's a nice smooth light lager which is brewed in 'Castletown'! If you are a fan of the show you will enjoy drinking this and Nelson Sauvin are the company behind it.

This year's Taste of Dublin, was for us, a big success. We had a great night and the atmosphere there on the night was unreal. It felt like everyone was at one big party together and it was a great laugh. I know some people think it is pricey and I wouldn't disagree with that. I personally never mind paying for food but think the entry price is a bit on the steep side considering you get nothing for it. My advice here is to enter the numerous competitions that run for free tickets. I must have seen at least 40 this year so the odds are good! Then once you are in, you can can spend what you like. If you went this year I hope you enjoyed it and if not keep it in mind for 2015.


  1. Am with you on the Aldi chips and the knowing better!! Still, it was a great night!

    1. Haha good to know I wasn't alone. Kinda got sucked in by the wonderful party atmosphere of the whole place! Looking forward to 2015 :)