August 29, 2014

Breakfast at ORSO, Cork

A good brunch is one of the requirements of a girlie night away. The others are dancing, cocktails and lots of gossip - not necessarily in that order! To cure the night before after our day of eating and drinking at the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail and Arthur Maynes, we were gagging for something substantial to tide us over till a late lunch. We were tempted to head back to Arthur Maynes but felt like a change of scene after spending hooours there the day before! We even had a look at the menu but were then enticed into Orso Kitchen and Bar which is right next door. 

We had just missed the 11:30 cutoff for breakfast but the staff happily made an exception for us and let us order of their amazing sounding menu. Orso have a very creative and interesting breakfast menu. Now tell me if I'm wrong but how wonderful does feta, spinach and raisin breakfast pie or warm flatbread with banana, cinnamon and toasted almonds sound! Now we were all craving bacon and eggs so two of us went for the Breakfast Manoushi while the other two went for the Breakfast Moglai.

Breakfast Manoushi

The Breakfast Moglai consisted of crispy doughbread stuffed with bacon, egg, cheese and coriander. It was such an unusual breakfast, very tasty and felt almost good for you though I'm sure it was far from it with all that bacon and cheese! We totally counteracted it all though with the fabulously fresh raspberry and pineapple juice.

Breakfast Moglai

The Breakfast Manoushi looked like a little pizza and came with a poached egg, black pudding and caramelized onion. There was the option of adding bacon on to it too. Mmm bacon! It was delicious or the little piece I got to taste was anyway because I can tell you we scoffed it all down fairly fast!

Bacony goodness!

Orso is a great little local cafe in Cork. It offers healthy, fresh and very interesting food. I had been there for dinner before and raved about it here. Thankfully the pictures are better this time and you can see what I mean. If you are down in Cork put this cafe on your list and stop by for breakfast, lunch or tea.

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