September 29, 2013

Pitt Bros BBQ

Restaurants seem to be a bit like buses to me. You wait and wait and wait and then suddenly two turn up together! Take burritos for example, Dublin was devoid of food fare like this for ages, then one place opened up, followed by another until you can't walk down a Dublin street without coming across a burrito joint. Another example is BBQ food. We have never had a BBQ restaurant in Dublin as far as I can remember but now we have two! The first being the always amazing Bison Bar & BBQ on Wellington quay. Now we also have Pitt Bros BBQ on George's Street. 

You can't miss Pitt Bros BBQ on George's Street with the cute little piggie symbol above the door. The interior is in the same vein as a lot of Dublin restaurant these days - all pallet ceilings, lights made out of barrels and hung with meat hooks. It is a quite a bright restaurant though thanks to the big window at the front and which makes it perfect for some people watching too.


If you have been to Bison you will be well used to what is on the menu as it is fairly similar. There is pulled pork, brisket, ribs, sausage and chicken and they all come with two sides for €12.95. I really really wanted some brisket and himself wanted some ribs but they had run out due to the lunchtime rush!! So we went for the sausage and pulled pork instead. These were accompanied by onion rings, slaw, fries and bone marrow mash.

The sausage was lovely with a nice smokey flavour off it while the pulled pork was melt in the mouth though on this occasion was not as warm as it could have been. I think that was to do with the metal trays it arrives on as they are cold so the meat cools down on them quite quickly.


The fries still had their skins and were wonderfully crispy as were the onion rings while the bone marrow mash was something I could have eaten a vat of. Yes it may not have been totally lump free but it was delicious. The boyfriend scoffed down the coleslaw though I have to admit I did miss a bowl of potato salad as a side. The sauces were good though the BBQ sauce was a little runny for me. I preferred the Carolina sauce which had a good bang of garlic off it and the boyfriend took a fancy to the hot sauce which wasn't too hot at all.


This was all washed down with a shared BrewDog 5am Saint picked from a very quirky old sink.

One thing Pitt Bros. does not offer is a combo meal where you can have two meats of your choice which is something the boyfriend and all the men I know would order without hesitation. The boyfriend was still a little hungry on leaving though the icecream was a nice touch. It was the proper good stuff too all creamy, milky deliciousness.

Ok so it worth going to? Yes if you like BBQ and you like meat you will love it. If you have vegetarian friends they will disown you for life if you bring them here!! The boyfriend also went back the next day without me (I know!!) and had the combo bun meal which he said was great. Yes you will notice a lot of similarities between here and Bison right on down to the paper towels on the table. You may also feel like you have seen the icecream thing before (Neon) but as they say isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery. It seems that Dubliners can't get enough of BBQ and I would say, like me, are very happy to see that this trend is taking off here too. For good, tasty food at a great price BBQ seems to be the way to go.

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  1. Great blog! I will definitely visit it again!

  2. Thanks a million hope you get to try out some of the places on it.