August 14, 2014

Arthur Mayne's, Cork City

A few weekends ago, a few of the girls and I made a one night roadtrip to Cork especially for the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail. It was a great afternoon which turned into a great night! We ended up going back to Arthur Mayne's as we were told it had a lovely outdoor area and was open late. In fact it is open till about 2 in the morning and that was on a Sunday night. 

Arthur Mayne's is a 20-year-old chemist turned wine bar. Apart from display cabinets filled with wonderful old merchandise, it also boasts a wine system which allows you to sample 24 different varieties of wines. We decided to keep that though for another trip! Arthur Mayne's merges with Crane Line and between them there is a great outdoor area which is long and narrow and has a good few seats. The sun was gone by the time we were there but it was still lovely and warm where we were sitting. Later on that evening they turned the heaters on and sure we didn’t move till again till about 12.30 that night. 

Photo from Arthur Mayne's Facebook Page

Even though we had done the tapas trail and were rightly stuffed afterwards by about nine we were getting a little peckish. Arthur Mayne's was a perfect venue to be in as they serve meat and cheese platters right on up to 1.30 in the morning. You never need to go hungry in Cork City! To tide us over till Monday morning (really more of a bid to soak up the drink!) we choose a good variety of items.

Sarah decided on a lovely 2 meat and cheese combo board which came heaped with meat and her choices of cheeses which included Ardrahan and Comte. It was great value for €10 and we couldn’t get her to share! 

Sandra got the ordinary bruschetta at €4.50 while Jenny went for the goats cheese crostini and sundried tomatoes for €5.95. I went for the bruschetta with Toonsbridge mozzarella, pesto and beef tomatoes. They were gorgeous and the mozzarella was out of this world. They were a bit on the pricey side at €9.95 but I assume that is to do with the cost of the artisan mozzarella. I would have liked one more on the board.
We also got two bowls of garlic potatoes because we loved them so much after the tapas trail! Gluttons the lot of us!


All the food here is fresh and fabulous and it’s a perfect place for a chat and a few nibbles over drinks. If you stay there long enough you may even hear some live music! Arthur Mayne's is well worth a stop next time you are down in Cork.

7 Pembroke Street, Cork
T. 021 427 9449

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