May 26, 2015

Sheridans Irish Food Festival

Last weekend saw the sixth Sheridans Irish Food Festival take place. It's an event we have been attended every year, rain or shine. Thankfully this year was one filled with lots and lots of sunshine! We didn't make it down till about 3.30 but there was still a steady stream of visitors making their way in. The event is well laid out so it never feels too packed especially since there is a good seating area where people can sit down, enjoy their food and listen to live music. 
Clearly we just spent the afternoon wandering around the stalls and stuffing ourselves with all kinds of differnent food! There was an italian spicy sausage roll from Jane Russell, amazing seaweed caramel popcorn from Cornude, donuts from Delish, a burger from Annie's Roasts and to round it all off icecream from Burke's Farm. Safe to say we didn't need tea that evening!

The home haul included desserts from What's for Pudding, some of Hilda's fab homemade preserves and some Cashel Blue Cheese spread which is going to be opened in celebration once the baby arrives and I can eat blue cheese again! It was a lovely afternoon out and well done to Sheridan's for another successful food festival.

Here's a few photos from the afternoon.

The Festival was part of the Boyne Valley Food Series which has events running throughout Louth and Meath until September. Check out the website for lots more information.

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