November 27, 2012


If you haven't been in Dublin City Centre for a while take a walk down Camden Street to George's Street and you may be pleasantly surprised. No longer is it just a long walk peppered with charity shops, dodgy mobile phone stores and off licences but along the way you will encounter a huge range of restaurants that cater to all tastes. If you want a craft beer with your food try Against the Grain, for great Asian food give Neon a go and if you want to grab something on the go but want it to be from a company who believe in sustainability have a look in Grub. If though, you have a craving that only a Man Vs Food style sandwich will fill, then stay on Camden Street and head to Yum

With an enticing exterior of dark wood panelling and green signage the interior mirrors this with soft green chairs and dark wooden tables. It's comfy, clean and not overcrowded with seats. There is a choice of starters, antipasti, mains and sides. We went straight for the mains after seeing what arrived  at the table next to us and I decided it might be a struggle to finish that! With fifteen different mains to choose it took a bit of time but since I love a good bit of brisket I went for The Reuben while the boyfriend went for the Pulled Pork Sandwich. Each main comes with two salads or with one salad and a choice of fries or baked potato.

The Reuben is thinly sliced brisket marinated overnight in garlic, thyme and bay leaf, slowly cooked and broiled with seasoned fried onions and Swiss cheese all served between two thick slices of sourdough bread. It was a good sandwich which was complemented by the choice of tomato, asparagus and red onion salad which was light enough to eat alongside it. The only downside of The Reuben was that it was slightly dry and would have benefited from some relish on the inside to give it a bit of moisture or indeed the traditional Russian or thousand island dressing.

The Reuben 

The Pulled Pork Sandwich is made with slowly cooked shoulder of pork and teamed with spicy Texas style coleslaw and BBQ sauce on a lightly toasted burger bun. The boyfriend liked it but did find it slightly too spicy and he had hoped that the BBQ sauce would mean that the sandwich was slightly stickier and smokier than it was. He also got the goats cheese salad which was a bad choice with the sandwich as the goats cheese was quite heavy and was a bit much with the Pulled Pork. This salad could also have been a lot nicer by adding some dressing to bring it all together as it was literally just cheese and salad leaves (though I have since been informed by Yum that this should have been accompanied by a honey balsamic dressing which would definitely do the trick).

Pulled Pork Sandwich

At the end of the day though, aside from a few minor issues, it didn't stop us from eating every last bite. Ok, so I needed a bit of help with mine but I gave it my best shot!! 

Only crumbs and few onions left!
I also have to say that the staff were so lovely on the day. We were an hour late and when I rang to say we would be late they said not to worry as they would have a table for us. We also didn't have to ask for water and were quickly given a replacement knife when I knocked mine onto the floor. None of the mains are more than €12.95 so for less than €13 you can eat well and leave full be it for lunch or dinner! Or you can do what we did and get your mains for free if you get on to Yum's Twitter and ask for some #yumseats.

Yum. is open Monday to Saturday from 8am - 11pm and Sunday from 8am - 9pm. They also do a full breakfast till 12am so if you find yourself still in the area after a night out in Coppers or the Palace you know where to go now!!

Update 25/03/13 Yum appears to have closed if it reopens I will let you all know.

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