May 19, 2015

Taco Taco, Dame Court, Dublin 2

In the run up to impending motherhood I have been trying to meet up with friends for quiet catch ups before the peace is gone forever! One place I have been dying to try is Taco Taco especially since the concept comes from the team behind the very successful San Lorenzos. Taco Taco is located on the ground floor of the Odessa building in Dame Court and describes itself as a pop up restaurant for the brunch crowd though it was dinner we were there for! 

Since they don't take reservations we had the fingers crossed that we would get a table for five and were lucky enough to do so as the place filled up rapidly from 6 onwards. It's a small lively space which leads to a great buzzy atmosphere when it's full. As we arrived at 5:30 we were in time for their Super Nacho Happy Hour - a big plate of delicious nachos with salsa, guacamole and BBQ chilli beef. It didn't survive long between five of us!

With three pregnant women at the table ordering food can sometimes be a bit hit and miss due to pregnancy cravings and aversions! One of the girls went to order the salmon only to be told that it was in fact swordfish and unfortunately one of the things us preggers ladys can't eat. We got sorted in the end and soon our table was full of giant plates of food. Most of the group ordered from the Taco part of the menu with one of the girls ordering the corn-fed chicken parmesan (18.95).

I ordered the 5 Chinese Spice Duck tacos (16.95) which came with hoi sin, leeks, cucumber & Chinese cabbage. Think Chinese crispy duck without the pancakes. The first one was lovely but they got a bit sickly sweet by the third one and I struggled to finish the dish. 

The jerk chicken was declared  to be hot hot hot and a jug of margaritas was ordered to wash it down! We also ordered a side of sweet potato fries and the poutine fries with smokey bacon, black pepper sauce and mozzarella. I had read on other blogs that they were quite an indulgent treat but for me I found the cheese topping a bit too gloopy and reminiscent of Eddie Rockets cheese sauce which I hate! I wouldn't be ordering them again but there are a lot of other sides to choose from for next time. 

So would we go back - yes we would. The food was good, if on the big side and I think offering a combo plate of a few tacos would be a lovely option. Personally I would have loved one duck, one fish and one pulled pork taco. We were asked to leave at 7 but had been told this on arrival. We felt a bit rushed and were trying to finish our drinks so asked them could we head downstairs and finish there. I think the staff should have suggested this to us as it's a nice seating area downstairs and we didn't mind leaving the table as we had finished the food but wanted to finish our chat and drinks. In the end we stayed down there till 10 and had a few more drinks! The place was still jammed when we were leaving. Next time I might share a taco plate and keep room for the divine sounding salt caramel popcorn dessert!

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