September 09, 2013

Bunsen - Serving Straight up Burgers

If asked to choose somewhere for dinner in town the boyfriend will always, unsurprisingly, pick somewhere that offers a lot of meat. Bear, Bison BBQ and Zaytoon feature prominently on his list of choices. So when I told him about a new burger restaurant called Bunsen, that just did straight up burgers without any fuss, it didn't take much convincing to get him there!

Bunsen is located on Wexford Street and can be found by the glowing neon B sign that sits above its door. The interior is minimalist with wooden tables along the walls and exposed copper lighting throughout the room. The menu is short to say the least and it all fits on a business card. There are four burger choices: hamburger, cheeseburger, double hamburger and double cheeseburger. Then there are three choices for the chips: shoestring, handcut and sweet potato. It's short and sweet but it does exactly what it says on the card - straight up burgers.


On our most recent visit we both went for double cheeseburgers served medium rare. Everything about these burgers was just right. The Amish roll that soaked up the juices, the Black Angus Aberdeen beef which was moist and full of flavour, the great quality lettuce, tomatoes and onion, the cheese which had melted into a wonderful goo and the umami pickle together formed the perfect burger. That might sound like a big statement but it's just true. The boyfriend proclaimed it a 'savage burger' and he is well qualified to make this statement having eaten in a lot of Dublin's burger joints!
Double Cheeseburger

We also tried out the three varieties of chips with the hand cut and sweet potato ones being deemed the favourites. The shoestring ones were just a little too reminiscent of a certain fast food joint for us but I know other people will love them.

Sweet Potato Chips
Handcut Chips
Shoestring Chips

On our first visit we got two hamburgers and some sweet potato chips and were still a little hungry when we left. Next time we got two double cheeseburgers and shoestring and handcut chips. This was too much for us. Next time I think it will be a double cheeseburger for him, a cheeseburger for me and two handcut chips. We will eventually work out the perfect amount of food for us there but it's definitely fun trying! Two double cheeseburgers, and two fries cost us €24.80 which we thought was very reasonable for the amount of food we got.

Bunsen offer simple tasty burgers and if you want yours topped with fried eggs, onion rings or marinated artichokes then this is not the place to go. If though you want to try what is probably Dublin's best burger then you know where to go now.

Have you been to Bunsen yet? Let me know what you think I'd love to know.

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  1. Love this place. Their burgers are amazing it's well worth a visit.

    1. It is a great venue. They are just burgers with no fuss. I can see it being a regular haunt of ours!!