February 05, 2013

Musashi Noodles and Sushi Bar

I have been hearing about Musashi since last year from bloggers such as Stitch and Bear and The Silver Chicken but haven't had a chance to try it until recently. Since my first visit just after Christmas it has now become my go to sushi place and I have tried to entice every friend I have to come with me just so I can keep going back!

Musashi is situated on Capel Street, a road I have generally bypassed on the way to the Italian Quarter or to Henry Street, but now I know better! Musashi is an unassuming restaurant which you could easily walk by if you weren't aware of it. Once inside though, the decor consists of long wooden tables and low wooden backless seats which help create an authentic Japanese atmosphere or as close to it as I imagine Japan to be!

The menu can be confusing with a lot of different choices for sushi and sashimi but the waiting staff are very helpful and will explain anything on the menu if you ask. For this visit we started off with Miso Soup which was quickly followed by an array of different dishes. We felt the best plan of attack was to just order lots of food and share it between us.

Miso Soup
Next up was Maria's choice of Agedashi Tofu. I have never really come around to the idea of tofu. I have always found it a bit rubbery but this was nice. It was lightly fried and its texture was more melt in the mouth than rubbery.

Agedashi Tofu

The tofu was followed by some Crab Cucumber Rolls and Ebi & Tuna Nigiri. The rice was wonderfully sticky and the fish tasted super fresh. One of the things I love most about sushi is that you can really taste all the ingredients that make up the dish and the sushi at Musashi is some of the best I have had in Ireland.

Crab Cucumber Roll
Ebi and Tuna Nigiri
We then tried some Tako Sunomono which was seaweed topped with octopus. I expected this to be like the seaweed that you get in Chinese restaurants where it has been fried. This was fresh and delicious and didn't taste at all like I expected it to. I personally would prefer it without the octopus as I find it rather chewy but that is just me.

Tako Sunomono
One of the last dishes we ate was the Ebi Gyoza which are essentially prawn dumplings. I adore Gyoza but they can so frequently go wrong and can end up tasteless and soggy. These were perfect, packed full of prawn and were just on the right side of crispy.

Ebi Gyoza
We finished off dinner with some frozen yogurt which is a lovely dessert after all that food, which I might add was eaten by only two of us! The food at Musashi is amazing, it is authentic, fresh and full of flavour and surprisingly not that expensive. For all that food, including a glass of plum wine, the total meal cost us €42.40.

Musashi is located at 15 Capel St Dublin 1. Their website is here and you can find them on Facebook here. It is also BYOB but this is only for wine as far as I can gather as they now offer beer on the drinks menu.

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