July 06, 2014

The Connemara 'Surf to Turf' Self-driving Foodie Adventure

Mungo invites you to embark on a driving tour of Connemara to see and  eat your way through the two contrasting sides of Connemara.  From the rugged, austere landscape by the sea at Connemara Abalone in Rossaveal, to the lush, fertile grounds at Uncle Matt's Farm in Oughterard you will get to experience two very different landscapes.
The driving tour includes a guided visit to Connemara Abalone, a boutique aquaculture farm in Rossaveal, Co. Galway followed by a generous seafood lunch availing of the produce on the farm and from local fishermen. The next stop on the trail is Uncle Matt's Farm in Oughterard, a beautiful vegetable farm that grows its specialty lettuce and potatoes using organic principles. Following this there is a guided walk through the fields and greenhouses. The tour will finish up with a delicious farm-house supper availing of the fresh produce in season on the farm.

The single ticket price for this tour is €50. There are group discounts available for groups over 10 people.

If you love the sound of this extra special food trail just contact Sinead at the details below.

phone:  00353 85 7583862
email:  sinead@mungomurphyseaweed.com
web:    www.mungomurphyseaweed.com

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