September 27, 2012

Cake and Gossip: Become a Cake Clubber!

Ever since series three of the Great British Bake Off started off a few weeks our house has been groaning under the weight of cakes, buns and puddings! Not that anyone is complaining mind you. I have always loved to bake as I find it therapeutic and you can't argue with the end result! In tandem with the Great British Bake Off, Catriona from Wholesome Ireland is running a fun Irish Bake Off where people can take part in a challenge from that week. It is a great excuse to try something new and to work on technical skills that you may not have attempted before. There is even a prize for the weekly winner from Dr. Oetker. So far I have tried a Key Lime Pie, Crème Caramels, Sticky Toffee Pudding and this week it is Chelsea buns. All the photos/yumminess are up on Facebook

Soon though the Great British Bake Off will be over and no doubt we will have to wait a while to see what TV3 does with their promised Irish version. So in the meantime here is a great idea from Odlums for all bakers. Let me introduce the Cake Club a fun way for you and your friends or colleagues to learn how to bake cakes and feast on the yummy end results together. Don’t worry if you’re not an accomplished baker there are recipes to suit all skill levels. The whole idea of Cake Club is that it gives novice bakers the chance to roll up their sleeves and give something a whirl and it gives experienced bakers a chance to show off their skills.  

Taking part is easy – all you have to do is get a group of friends together, pick a day and then each week a different Cake Clubber bakes their own choice and everyone gets to eat it!! Sounds like my kind of club. There are a few easy rules to follow, my favourite being rule 3 ‘Despite the fact that it might seem like a good idea, it’s usually best to invite more than just yourself to be in your Cake Club. Otherwise, it’s just gluttony’. I am tempted to break it, so so tempted!! There is also a handy blagger’s guide to Cake Club in case you feel out of your depth, a list of recipes, A Cake Club Bible and a handy planner. So who knows this time next year you might just be entering yourself for series two of the Great Irish Bake Off!!


  1. This sounds like fun - and a great idea!

  2. I love the idea and it's a great excuse to meet up with friends and try new recipes. Managed to get the girls in work to give it a go so we will be good for cake until Christmas!