June 05, 2012

Celebrate your local community with a Street Feast


On June 17th communities across the country will gather for the third annual Street Feast. Street Feast is a day of local lunches across Ireland, hosted by you and your neighbours. They can be held anywhere out on the street, in a local park, in a field, in your front garden. It's all about getting people together to celebrate their local community, eat good food and strengthen community links.

Sounds like a great idea doesn't it, so how do you get involved I hear you say?? Well you have two options; you can either go to a local Street Feast or you can run your own. To find out if one is happening near you have a look here. Or better yet run your own, it's very simple to do. Here are some simple steps for organising your own:
  • Start early - don’t leave it to the very last minute to arrange your Street Feast.
  • Register your Feast at streetfeast.ie - Tell them where and why you are doing it!
  • Get your group of neighbours together, make a list of things you’ve got. Try to borrow to fill the gaps.
  • Ask people what they are good at - and can they bring that?
  • Find a location: your street, a carpark, a garden, a community hall, anywhere will do.
  • Get the word out! Knock on your neighbours doors, tell them about Street Feast. Contact your local radio and newspaper and tell them what you are up to.
To make running your own Street Feast as easy as possible the Street Feast crew have complied a guide full of tips, recipes and even sample posters and invitations. The guide is available here. 

Lastly don’t forget to check out the Street Feast website and blog posts for more help on how to put on your Feast. So get involved and get celebrating your local community!! And if that's not enough inspiration have a little look at this video.

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