November 30, 2011


I am a BIG fan of jo'burger and crackbird I love how they have taken one aspect of food and taken it to a whole new funky level - drinks in jam jars, chicken in buckets, spritzy sauce! I am also intrigued by the way that they have used social media to promote the restaurants. So when i found out a third new place was opening in the original crane lane space I hightailed it to Twitter to see what I could find. From previous experience it was here I knew there was the possibilty of bagging myself a free meal!! And EAT FOR FREE we did.

So on a wet, windy, wednesday evening myself and the boyfriend splashed our way along crane lane to be greeted by the lovely smell of pizzas wafting up the street from Skinflint. This place is as quirky as the others with doors as tables and graffiti covered chairs and the food is just as wonderful and unusual. Skinflint have not gone for the standard dreaded pizza combinations so no ham and pineapple if that's what you're into. I ordered myself an Eithne, which was covered in butternut squash, capers and ricotta while he got a Grainne; an amazing combination of bacon and celeriac. The pizzas are grilled so they are thin and crispy and perfect for sharing. Both our pizzas were delicious who would have thought celeriac would work so well as a topping. They also have a chill honey which they are fermenting themselves that you can dip your pizza into. While this may sound odd it was surprisingly delicious and we were wishing we could have brought some home!  On finishing the first slice of his pizza the boyfriend waved a bit of pizza at me and mumbled 'We are coming here again'!! This time all we had to pay for were our drinks but I give it a week till we are back there again and happily paying full price!!
The Grainne
If you would like to see the other delicious pizza combinations on offer at skinflint visit  It also tells you how you can eat for free - they are offering a free meal for 2 people on the half hour of every hour so get following Skinflint on Twitter!! Tell them the Purple Page sent you :)

Chilli Honey

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